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Integrated administrative services for facilities, medical and cosmetic supplies

MALATH ADVANCED is one of the supporting institutions.

During our work period, we were able to reserve our own site among the largest organizations working in the field of integrated project management services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The corporation has a proven track record of completed work in Riyadh and the Gulf.

We rely on development and innovation based on the competencies and experiences that we cooperate with, as well as through a network of high-value relationships and leading names in the business world.


We seek a diversified strategic partnership to create a strong and coherent economic environment by exchanging experiences with our partners and providing simple solutions to develop their facilities

We also provide a number of services in marketing, business development, administration and human affairs

We have a department specialized in designing websites and providing the software and systems that our customers need in various fields

Agents for selling and maintaining medical devices. We market and import medical supplies, cosmetics and many other medical products

Specialize in office administrative and support activities and this category includes providing daily office administrative services such as financial planning, billing, record keeping, employee distribution, physical distribution, and logistics to others on a contract or fee basis.

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